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Time:2017-06-21    Source:    Views:2144
strategic target
         Make efforts to make Fuhao Electronic Science and Technology to equip with cutting-edge research and development capabilities, dedicated to provide high quality products and added value for communication networks and industrial customers, and to become the industry's major supplier of sophisticated evolution who own its independent intellectual property rights.

Core values: 

        Honest, diligent, caring, not cut short, hard work, cooperative, ambitious, brave for the world first, sustainable management, build a hundred years enterprise.

Business philosophy:

 innovation, perseverence, truth

Customer satisfaction:

 The company relies on the customer, so the company must understand the customer's current and future needs, meet customer ‘s needs, and strive to exceed customer’s expectations.

Talent view
Provide quality training for the virtuous person

Provide wide stage for the able person

Provide generous treatment for the talented person

Addr:NO.297 Shansong Road,Wusongjiang Industrial Park,Kunshan Jiangsu.china  Tel:18913226444    
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